About ICS

ICS invests in children and their social environment

A future for children in Africa and Asia. That’s the goal of ICS. A good social environment is essential for that. Not only in the family, but also in the community. To achieve that, child protection and social entrepreneurship are pivotal aspects in the work of ICS.

Social entrepreneurship
A valuable diploma, but a paid job as well...
Children growing up in an economically flourishing environment have more chance of education, development and a prosperous future. That is why ICS initiates and supports projects that stimulate entrepreneurship. In the villages and towns of Asia and Africa. Together with the inhabitants themselves. And also with the support of organizations, businesses and individuals – both from the local community and from the Netherlands. In this ‘social business’ approach, ICS continuously responds to the wishes and economic possibilities of inhabitants.

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Children’s rights

A good future, but a protected childhood as well...
Children should grow up in a safe and stimulating environment. They are the most vulnerable members of the community. And at the same time, they are the ones who hold the future of society in their hands. Unfortunately many children in Africa and Asia are the victims of mistreatment, abuse and exploitation. ICS supports local organizations that fight against this. That take care of these children and provide them with education. That support parents in the upbringing of their sons and daughters. And that advocate the creation and enforcement of legislation that benefits children.

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Civic Driven Change
An independent existence, but also a boost...

ICS wants to bring about practical change in socio-economic improvement and the protection of children. ‘Income’ and ‘self-sufficiency’ are key words. Parents, carers, teachers, public servants, villagers, young people: they want to and eventually they must be able to take care of their development themselves. Often all they need is a bit of a boost. That’s what ICS gives. For instance by helping set up a small business, or contributing to the creation of an outlet for local products. The strength of ICS is organising people so they can undertake action themselves. So that ultimately they can continue independently themselves.

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Regional focus
A good job, but also in harmony with the environment...
There are various causes of poverty. For instance, an area can become isolated economically because of its location. If the infrastructure is bad or totally absent, businesses often stay away from an area. And that means no employment. ICS believes that every area has natural resources that can be well marketed. That is why ICS looks not so much at just one community, but preferably at the region where that community is located. So that together with the various communities the possibilities for developing economic activities can be examined. So that families get the opportunity to earn money themselves, increasing the chances of their children having a good future.

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Integrated approach
A good school, but also the money to send children there...

Children’s rights, hygiene, economic progress, safety, education, clean drinking water .... each one an important theme that deserves attention and funding. ICS works on all of these themes. The effect is many times greater than tackling just one theme. It is important for a school to get built in a community, but it’s more important that the parents earn money, so their children can go to school. It’s more important that there is enough money to serve up varied meals, so the child can concentrate better at school. That a sustainable energy supply is available, so that homework can be done in the evenings. And that children know where they can turn if they no longer feel safe at home. Children have the best chances for their future if all aspects of their lives are well organised. ICS makes every effort for this.

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