Uhuru Torch shines its light on ICS waterproject

The Uhuru Torch slightly resembles the Olympic flame. The torch, lighted for the very first time on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1961, is a famous symbol of freedom and light in Tanzania. Every year the torch is lit after which it goes on a long trip throughout Tanzania, to shine its light on special projects and initiatives. Or as they describe it themselves: “to bring hope where there is despair, love where there is enmity and respect where there is hatred.”

The more special it is that the Uhuru Torch chose the recently finished watertower of ICS for it’s next stop! The water tower is located just outside the village of Maganzo, in the north of Tanzania. This village and the neighbouring village of Masagala, struggle with a severe shortage of clean drinking water for many years now. Therefore ICS started an ambitious waterproject, with financial support of HDIF, in order to provide 12.000 villagers with safe drinking water. We now have entered the last phase of the construction, we expect to finally open the taps in November 2016.

Just like our other water points every tap will be equipped with a prepaid meter by Susteq. Locals can pay directly for the exact amount of water they need with smartcards they can credit in participating local shops. The profits generated are put into the maintenance of the system, repairs when necessary and the quality control checks. Only this way we can make sure the taps will continue delivering clean and safe drinking water on the long term.