How ICS helps farmers flourish

We believe in a structural development cooperation with farmers. Not by trying to solve their problems, but by handing them the means to do so themselves. By trusting their independence and sense of responsibility. 

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  • 30.000

    Farmers made work
    of their harvest

  • 24.184

    chickens found their way to farming families

  • 5.783

    solarlights lighten up
    the lives of farming families

  • 8.496

    parents followed

  • 979

    teachers were

With your support and the effort of about 80 employees in The Netherlands and Africa we can make a huge difference for thousands of farming families in Kenya and Tanzania. Will you support our work and become a donor?


We are winners of the NpM Innovator’s Challenge!

Agri-wallet and Geodatics have been awarded 125,000 euro prize money from the Innovator’s Challenge of NpM, Platform for Financial Inclusion.

Parenting training in Nepal

The success of the ICS parenting training has not passed unnoticed by other development organisations. Karuna Foundation, a ngo that works in Nepal, has adopted our method. In the past year the first 332 parents have been trained here.

Tanzanian farmers test sunflowers

The harvest of sunflower seeds offers great potential for farmers in Northern Tanzania. Agrics, our social enterprise, has supplied 1,250 farmers with a one-off quantity of free seeds that is sufficient to cover one hundred square meter of soil. To get to know this new crop and to try out.

Open mindsets and full engagement

Caroline Abels, portfolio manager of our Skilful Parenting program, recently traveled to Ivory Coast. Together with colleague Maureen from Kenya she resided in the West-African country for ten days to educate new trainers on how to deliver our SP training. Read along her personal experiences.


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