ICS: Driver of Development

ICS is an innovative development organization with a pragmatic approach. We promote the sustainable economic development and wellbeing of farming families in developing countries. What makes us different is that, besides providing assistance, we also focus on creating opportunities for growth. After all, we believe people will do best if they can tap into their own strength, work independently and take responsibility for their lives.

We set up social enterprises that will boost the local economy in which farming families also play their role. Through parent-training we teach parents how they can make use of economic progress and practice positive upbringing to favorably impact the future of their families. In that way, we set off a chain reaction of sustainable economic and social development.

Development drivers

Communities can develop themselves as long as they have the right ‘ingredients’. Those are what we call development drivers. Our work is based on two essential development drivers: 

#1 Economic independence
We help local farming communities become economically independent by setting up social businesses. We make use of market mechanisms, develop the best growth strategy and implement it effectively.

  • Via our social business Agrics Ltd. we sell the best farm inputs on credit, like seeds, fertilizer and chickens, to help farming communities in Kenya and Tanzania improve their output.
  • By buying their output and selling it via our social business Alizetics Ltd., we provide farming communities in Tanzania with access to a professional and transparent market.
  • Geodatics, our youngest social business makes use of satellite and geo data to provide farmers in Kenya with the best advice about their plot of land to help them optimize their output.
  • By setting up new water sources or revitalizing existing ones we realize access to clean drinking water for communities in Kenya and Tanzania. We involve local entrepreneurs for maintenance and sales to secure a sustainable supply.

#2 The power of communities
Together with the local com­munity, and on the basis of own strength, independence and responsibility, we create long-term sustainable development.

  • We teach farming communities the best cultivation methods to increase their outputs.
  • Through our parent-training Skilful Parenting, we help parents develop the skills they need to favorably impact the future of their families.
  • Our training Vijana Reloaded educates young unemployed people to become innovative, solution driven entrepreneurs.

Let’s drive development together
We don’t believe in handing out things or means but in creating opportunities for growth. Therefore we want your investment in our driver #1 Economic Independence. We will invest your money, earn it back if possible and invest it again. Ideally, your one-time investment will keep driving development indefinitely. For our driver #2 The Power of communities we use your gift to drive social development for families and youngsters. Let’s drive development together!