How ICS helps farming families flourish

We believe in a structural development cooperation with farmers. Not by trying to solve their problems, but by handing them the means to do so themselves. By trusting their independence and sense of responsibility. That is how we aim to break through the volatility characterizing international aid, instead focusing on sustainable, economic and social growth. 

That push in the right direction; often it is not more than a small alteration, however, one that can create big change. A seed offers more perspective than a slice of bread. A loan creates a bigger sense of responsibility than a gift. Training can provide a long term solution, whereas pity can’t.

Our unique combined approach

Poverty entails more than just the absence of money and food. Long-term poverty and a lack of access to new knowledge can cause unhealthy and restrictive behavioural patterns to emerge and sustain within the family. It is for that reason that ICS simultaneously works on:

Economic growth for farmers

Our goal is economic growth for farming families. With your investment we are able to offer them agricultural products on credit combined with training. By providing these services on credit, the money returns to us and can be invested again. This results in an endless stimulation of economic growth.

Empowering farming families

Together with families and schools, ICS works on creating a healthy, safe and stimulating living environment. With your money we train parents, teachers, and children. That way, we ensure future generations will be able to develop to their full potential.

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