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Agrics is a for-profit social enterprise in East Africa, owned by ICS. Agrics is on its way to building a sustainable business by providing smallholder farmers access to farm inputs, capital, innovation, knowledge and markets. Agrics has grown from a small pilot project serving 900 subsistence farmers in Western Kenya with maize and fertilizer to a business serving over 35,000 farmers in Kenya and Tanzania with a range of agricultural inputs and services on credit.

Agrics has grown to a sustainable business serving
over 35,000 farmers in Kenya and Tanzania

Agrics’ impact is to secure and enhance the income, food security and nutrition of farming families. Improved agronomic practices, access to credit and product innovation improves and diversifies the farmers’ productivity, thereby increasing disposable income which makes healthcare and education more accessible.

Close to breakeven

The company is close to breakeven, the Kenyan operation to become profitable in 2017, and in the position to scale up and expand its operation to become a leading player in farm inputs in East Africa. Its track record shows it can convert market knowledge and extensive management capability into developing new regions, products and partnerships.

An investment of EUR 2.5 million is needed to drive growth to over 100,000 farmers in 2021. This includes the expansion into Uganda and scale-up of the operation in Kenya and Tanzania. Investments will be structured as a working capital financing, debt and equity.

Information and contact

For more information have a look at the agriculture page on this website or at the Agrics website. Are you interested in investing or would you like to receive the Agrics Investor Brief with extensive information? Please contact Violanda de Man, portfolio manager agribusiness, violanda.deman@ics.nl /+31 (0)6 109 893 55.