About ICS


We strive for a world in which all farming families are able to take control of their situation. A world in which farmers in developing countries are also able to achieve a good harvest, a viable income and a positive family environment. Our ideal is a world in which men, women and children are treated equally. A world in which poverty is a thing of the past and is no longer the cause of domestic violence or neglect of children.


Millions of Africans have to live on what their piece of land can produce, but in many cases this is very little or not enough and results in desperate poverty. It does not have to be like this: the full potential of the land is far from fully exploited.

We believe that investing in farmers in developing countries will lead to a better future. A better future for themselves, their families and also for the generations to come. We empower farmers by doing genuine business with them. We make essential agricultural products such as sowing seed available and we share valuable knowledge to help increase the harvest of the farmers.

Poverty facilitates child abuse and exploitation. That is why we also support these families and their immediate environment in the upbringing of children. Not only do we tackle the cause of poverty, but also the unwanted, but very common side effects, such as domestic violence, child labour and a large gender divide.

Work area

Our work area is East Africa, we focus specifically on rural areas. In Kenya we work in the western part, in the counties Kakamega, Busia, Siaya, Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Nandi. In Tanzania we work in the north, in the counties Shinyanga, Geita and Mwanza. Furthermore ICS has plans to expand in 2017/2018 to neighbouring country Uganda, just on the other side of the border with Kenya. At the end of 2017 ICS has also started its parenting program in Ivory Coast.


ICS group covers Stichting ICS (ngo), Agrics, Geodatics and ICS-SP. Agrics and Geodatics are our two social agricultural businesses, they take care of the implementation of our agricultural activities. ICS-SP is a locally registrated ngo. ICS-SP implements our parenting program. ICS Group operates completely independently of faith, race and political belief.

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The General Director is Ronald Messelink. The Director is responsible for the operational management of the organization and is accountable to the Supervisory Board. In particular, the Director manages strategic policy-making, general operations and public relations. He is also responsible for monitoring content and administrative quality and personnel policies.    

The Director reports to the Supervisory Board at the end of each quarter and meets weekly with the Management Team which consists of the Finance Manager and the Director himself. The Management Team is responsible for policy preparation and implementation. Decisions by the Director are integrated and effectuated by the Management Team as much as possible.

The Supervisory Board:

  • Mrs. J.M. de Vries (chair & member of the financial audit committee)
  • Mr. C.J. Kuijvenhoven (board member & chair of the financial audit committee)
  • Mr. L.J. Beyer (board member)
  • Mr. G. Ruitinga (board member)
  • Mrs. G. Wijffels (board member)

Remuneration Policy

The ICS Foundation does not subscribe to a standard collective labor agreement, but does have good employment terms for employees in the Netherlands and Africa. Salaries of Dutch employees are analogous to the collective labor agreement remuneration of national-level civil servants (based on Besluit Bezoldiging Rijksambtenaren). 

The General Director receives remuneration aligned with Goede Doelen Nederland guidelines. Accountability regarding the remuneration granted by the Supervisory Board is assessed through the annual report

Strategic plan

Read or download our strategic plan 2016-2018


Have a look at or download the constitution of Stichting ICS.


ICS has a so called ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), and the CBF hallmark.