'263 children abused in one year'

This news is one of the headlines in The Standard this week, a Kenyan newspaper. And we are talking about just a small area: Busia county, in the western part of Kenya. The electronic dossier, set up by ICS, reports all mistreatments. More than 70% of these group of children is aged between 0 and 8 years old. Training on Skillful Parenting is being indicated as solution to drastically decrease these amounts in the future.

"We have recorded over 4,100 cases of broken families", the article continues. As a solution for the malfunctioning of these families Aston Maunga, Children's Services Director in Busia, mentions training and coaching on parenting. ICS offers training on skillful parenting in this area, amongst others. Read more on our approach here.

Electronic dossier

In 2014 ICS prepared the County Child Protection Guidelines. Together with several partners we worked out national child protection guidelines in detail and documented them in a manual for the government. One of the objects was the implementation of a database wherein every case of mistreatment is reported. The electronic dossier contains information about the mistreatment, the perpetrator and when reports are made. In 2014 the possibility was created to consult the dossiers by mobile telephone with internet connection. So-called children’s officers, as well as doctors, police officers and other care workers have access to the dossiers.

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