Officially open: 25 new water outlets!

In the past one and a half year ICS worked hard to realise 25 new water outlets in the villages of Maganzo and Masagala, in the north of Tanzania. And we succeeded! Yesterday, villagers and invitees gathered around one of the water outlets for the official opening.

One of the government officials spoke to the audience: "From this day on all villagers are able to collect water from centrally located taps, day and night, using a prepaid card. Let's take good care of this fantastic system together to ensure we can benefit from it for a long time!" 

A few years ago the Tanzanian government worked on the construction of a long water pipeline from Lake Victoria inland to the town of Kishapu. The pipeline also passes through the villages of Maganzo and Masagala in the north. However, there were no outlets planned here, so the locals couldn't benefit. Therefore ICS started at the end of 2015 with the construction of subdivisions, unlocking clean drinking water via 25 water outlets for the 12,000 inhabitants of these villages. 

All of the outlets have a Susteq meter for prepaid cards. Locals can pay directly for the exact amount of water they need with prepaid cards they can credit in participating local shops. The profits generated are put into the maintenance of the system, repairs when necessary and quality control checks. This way we can ensure the water outlets are able to deliver clean drinking water in a sustainable way.