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Young professionals get started with Agrics case

From 26 to 28 October dozens of young professionals will be taking up the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. One of the cases on sustainability, that these leaders of the future will tackle, is about Agrics, a social enterprise by ICS.

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Good parenting as weapon against child labor

In order to put an end to child labor in the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast, ICS will be deploying its training and expertise with regards to parenting. Together with partner organizations, the Ivorian government and two big players in the cocoa industry, we aim to eliminate child labor by 2025.

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Teachers in the school banks

The influence of parents on the development of children is obviously big, but also teachers largely contribute to the welfare and future of children. To make sure less children leave the school banks early ICS has started the Lunch and Learn programme for teachers.

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