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Parenting training in Nepal

The success of the ICS parenting training has not passed unnoticed by other development organisations. Karuna Foundation, a ngo that works in Nepal, has adopted our method. In the past year the first 332 parents have been trained here.

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Tanzanian farmers test sunflowers

The harvest of sunflower seeds offers great potential for farmers in Northern Tanzania. Agrics, our social enterprise, has supplied 1,250 farmers with a one-off quantity of free seeds that is sufficient to cover one hundred square meter of soil. To get to know this new crop and to try out.

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Open mindsets and full engagement

Caroline Abels, portfolio manager of our Skilful Parenting program, recently traveled to Ivory Coast. Together with colleague Maureen from Kenya she resided in the West-African country for ten days to educate new trainers on how to deliver our SP training. Read along her personal experiences.

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