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Tanzanian farmers test sunflowers

The harvest of sunflower seeds offers great potential for farmers in Northern Tanzania. Agrics, our social enterprise, has supplied 1,250 farmers with a one-off quantity of free seeds that is sufficient to cover one hundred square meter of soil. To get to know this new crop and to try out.

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How do you sell your harvest in a remote area?

Alizetics, our social business that buys sunflower seeds from smallholder farmers in Tanzania has 21 buying centers. Transport is in the remote north of the country always a challenge. These local centers make it a lot easier for farmers to sell their yield.

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Sunflower seeds offer an interesting alternative

Last weekend Koen Hefin Stanton, the new managing director of Alizetics, left for Tanzania to establish there for good. Alizetics Ltd, trade business in sunflower seeds, is one of the social businesses of ICS. Before he left ICS asked him a few questions.

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