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Teachers in the school banks

The influence of parents on the development of children is obviously big, but also teachers largely contribute to the welfare and future of children. To make sure less children leave the school banks early ICS has started the Lunch and Learn programme for teachers.

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ICS wins Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize 2016

ICS-SP, our local ngo that implements the Skilful Parenting program in Kenya and Tanzania, has won the Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize 2016 "for it's unique model, being an example of best practice, highly relevant for the broader area of child development in deprived rural contexts."

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Combined approach reduces HIV among young women

By autumn 2018 we aim to reduce the number of HIV infections among girls and young women in rural Kenya and Tanzania by 40%. In order to reach our goal we will receive an amazing amount of the Dream Innovation Fund for the rollout of a combined approach.

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