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Officially open: 25 new water outlets!

In the past one and a half year ICS worked hard to realise 25 new water outlets in the villages of Maganzo and Masagala, in the north of Tanzania. And we succeeded! Yesterday, villagers and invitees gathered around one of the water outlets for the official opening.

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Teachers in the school banks

The influence of parents on the development of children is obviously big, but also teachers largely contribute to the welfare and future of children. To make sure less children leave the school banks early ICS has started the Lunch and Learn programme for teachers.

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Peak Mount Kenya: check!

These nine heroes from Epe in the Netherlands left for Kenya in the first week of October to start their tough ascent to the top of Mount Kenya. The team raised money through this event for our waterproject in Maai Mahiu. A great accomplishment!

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