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Uhuru Torch shines its light on ICS waterproject

Every year the Uhuru Torch is lighted after which it goes on a long trip throughout Tanzania, to shine its light on special projects and initiatives. At the beginning of October the Uhuru Torch chose our recently finished watertower in Maganzo for it’s next stop!

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Water tower under construction

Our waterproject in Tanzania is making progress. The pipelines have been installed, now the water tower is under construction. We expect that we can open the taps in September for the villagers of Maganzo and Masagala so they will finally be able to benefit from clean drinking water close to home.

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Shadrack (13) writes thank you note

Last week our colleagues in Tanzania received a very special letter. Until recently Shadrack got beaten regularly by his uncles or his granny forced him to stay home from school. Since two of his family members followed the training Skilful Parenting their family life has improved significantly.

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